MOTD: Arabian nights! A totally dramatic eyeliner look

Bonjour guys,

This is going to be a quick and snappy post featuring a make up of the day look inspired by @Sonjradeluxe

I got a bit bored and when that happens I tend to play with my makeup – I guess it is the five-year old in me ha! This was the first time I ever  attempted a dramatic eyeliner look and I do not think it turned out too bad. Let me know what you guys think below! Follow me on instagram for video clip of this look: @lovetashadee
Product details are listed below.
Apologies in advance for the image quality. I used my iPhone 5 to take these pictures as my Canon was out of battery!
Products used

Dior Star liquid foundation – mixed #60 & #80 together to match my skin tone.

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX12

MAC select cover-up in NW45

Ben Nye luxury powders – mixed shades Camel and Banana

Revolution eyeshadow in Mmmm

Revolution baked bronzer in shade Rock on World

MAC mineralise skin finish powder in Deep Dark

La Femme blusher in Sienna – love love love!


La Femme blusher in Sienna – used as an eyeshadow because it’s super pigmented & blendable

Revolution eyeshadow in Mmmm

Maybelline waterproof gel liner in Black

Brandless black carbon eyeliner I got from a beauty store

L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black

Urban Decay shimmer eyeshadow in Zephyr – In a previous post, I mentioned that ‘Zephyr’ was discontinued, however I recently popped into an UB store and spotted it as a single eyeshadow! It is not available on the UB site so grab it while you still can.

Urban Decay metallic eyeshadow in Baked

MAC select cover-up in NW45 to define the cut crease and eyeliner

Black eyeshadow from an 88-colour palette

Red Cherry lashes #605


Brandless lipliner

Sable Smoke by Tom Ford


Ovonni 30 piece set (the brushes do not have numbers to refer to, sorry) – if you would like me to do a review on these let me know below.

Wilko powder brush – the BEST synthetic powder brush hands down. It beats Sigma any day and super affordable!

Wilko blusher brush

For a detailed review of any of the products mentioned above, please let me know below!

****All images are my own unless stated otherwise. All pictures were taken from my iPhone 5S.

****All products were purchased with my own money and were not sponsored.


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Bonjour girls!

I would just like to say Thank You to all my existing and new subbies out there as well as to people who are just visiting!

I cannot express how awesome it is a feeling knowing that there are people out there who actually want to read me rambling on about my experiences and whatnot. I really appreciate you guys giving me the time of the day!

I would love to know if there is anything I can do to improve my blog or if there is anything you would like me to cover etc. so please feel free to interact with me via comments/messages or by just simply liking a post.

That is all from me (for now).

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My Foundation Routine (for nights out!)


Hope you guys are ready to ease your way into autumn – my favourite season!

I am not going to let myself off that easy by trying to ignore the fact that I have not posted for more than two weeks! Really sorry guys, I promise I am working on it. Working in finance does tend to have an influence on how much energy I have left in the evening / weekends *sad face*. However, I have missed the feeling of blogging so I am glad to be back!

You guys know that I love makeup right? So after spending an entire day editing (who would have thought recording videos could be soo tiresome!), I finally finished my first ‘foundation routine’ video tutorial!!

This is the type of foundation I would wear on the weekend if I was going out, and not necessarily what I wear everyday during the work week – I shall post another tutorial featuring my ‘everyday foundation routine’ in a later post.

Although I was super amped up to record this video for you guys, I was also quite nervous  (hopefully it does not show too much?) as I really wanted to make it worthwhile. In fact, there were points – which I edited out ha – where I honestly forgot how to do/apply my makeup!

My hat sincerely goes off to the regular YouTubers who do this weekly..

I really hope you enjoy this video and I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. If you are a vlogger, I would be grateful for any tips/advice!

Products used:


Dior Star liquid foundation – mixed #60 & #80 together to better match my skin tone.

Kevyn Aucoin skin enhancer in SX12

MAC select cover-up in NW45

Ben Nye luxury powders – mixed shades Camel and Banana

Revolution eyeshadow in Mmmm – No, I am not drooling over a donut in my sight. ‘Mmmm’ is the name of the product ha! I used it as a contour powder

Revolution baked bronzer in shade Rock My World – LOVE this! Works as a good bronzer for an everyday strobe-like glow but can be built up to work as a popping gold highlighter

MAC mineralise skin finish powder in Deep Dark

La Femme blusher in Sienna – love love love!

MAC Fix + to blend with a beauty blender, and used again to refresh my  face at the very end to rid myself of the powdery-matte look and infuse everything together

Astral Moisturising Cream to moisturise my face and prep for makeup application

I do not tend to use a primer with the Dior Star foundation as I feel that it has good ‘staying-power’ on its own. However, should I be going on a night out, I would prime my face with Smashbox’s Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer. I love this primer as it makes you appear as if you are glowing from within and ensures long-lasting foundation wear.

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End of Summer Collective Haul! Prada, Dior, Ted Baker, Christian Louboutin, Topshop, and more..


Whilst August marks the last days of the summer holidays for many of you out there, I thought I would quickly share some of the things I purchased during the season with you guys!

As much as I love fashion, I am not one to constantly frequent the shops in search of the latest clothing/shoe purchase of the week. I much prefer to shop online, and always will do, as it stops me from spending unnecessarily. Instead, I view shopping-on-foot as a novelty, something to be done once in a while, so that I can still derive joy from doing it. As a result, most of the things I purchase are usually either statement items or items that I can wear all year round.

Hopefully this post will provide you with some inspiration on what to get in the forthcoming ‘end of summer’ sales!




I absolutely fell in love with this piece from Oasis at first glance! Navy is one of my favourite colours in clothing and bags and I also love stripes – it was a win-win situation at the checkout.

This dress is a wardrobe staple as it can be dressed up with a nice pair of boldly coloured heels (i.e. I would go for a pair of red sandal heels) for a smart-casual look or it could be dressed down with a pair of flat tanned sandals for a daytime-casual look.

Also, shirt dresses and patterns like stripes are here to stay, so this is definitely the style of dress that can be worn for more than one summer!

Favourite bits: The gold detailing and epaulette-like shoulder straps.

RRP £45

Sold out on Oasis’s website but still available here on Asos



Ted Baker is by far one of my favourite dressmakers as the fabrics used to make their pieces are beautifully form-flattering, their cuts are always edgy, and, lastly, their midi dresses are actually midi and not knee-length as opposed to most dresses marketed as such.

I fell in love with the perfectly symmetrical floral/toucan print and the V-shaped neckline which is curved ever so slightly for a feminine touch.

Favourite bits: The gold zip and colourful print.

RRP £159

Sold out on Ted Baker’s website but available here from House of Fraser




I had been on the hunt for a blush-toned metallic midi skirt for over year – yes, a year as my search began June 2014!

Some might call me crazy for having searched for so long, however I am just one of those people who will not settle until I have got the exact thing I have fixated my mind on. *sigh*

Well anyway, I absolutely adore this skirt! I just think it is so stunning. Most importantly, I love that it can be dressed either up or down.

Favourite bits: Well everything.

RRP £99 but I got it on sale for £30 – bargain!

Sold out!


In need of a couple of basic ‘go-to’ evening skirts, I purchased these two beauties from an American website called Fashion Nova.

The ‘bandage’ material is not quite bandage but more like thick clothing elastic. Nevertheless, it still provides a flattering shape, not necessarily smoothing out all the lumps and bumps, but still flattering all the same.

RRP $24.99 for the Rose Brown skirt and $26.99 in the Dusty Wineberry

Purchased here from Fashion Nova




Love, love, love these heels! I am obsessed with everything blush-toned and bejewelled and these heels quenched my desire for a pair of closed-toe beauties to add to my collection.

Favourite bits: The smooth suede leather and crystal embellishments.

RRP £89

Purchase here from Dune – also available in several other colours including a classy slate grey.


This year has definitely been the year of tassels and fringes. When Zara released this stunning pair of black fringed sandal heels I was, indeed, SOLD. Personally, I feel that Zara’s shoes are extremely comfortable to walk in and an added bonus is that their shoes usually come in leather – another one of my favourite things in the world!

Easily suitable for either a smart-casual or evening outfit, these shoes are definitely a wardrobe staple.

Favourite bits: The tassels of course!

RRP £49.99

Sold out



Here are a few of the makeup items I purchased this summer, I say a ‘few’ because if I was to display the entire lot this post would go on forever (maybe next time?).

The items on display are (from left to right):

La Femme blushes (various colours)

Nars Audacious Lipsticks in Anita and Rita – Purchase here at Selfridges

Kiko Volume Lip Gloss in Papaya – Purchase here at Kiko

Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil in Cocoa – Purchase here at Selfridges

Christian Louboutin Nail Varnish in Rouge – Purchase here at Selfridges

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Varnish in Papaya – Purchase here at Barry M

Dior Star Foundation (I love it so much I bought two!) in shades #60 Mocha and #80 Ebony – Purchase here at Selfridges

Gerard Cosmetics BB+ Plus Illumination – Purchase here at Gerard Cosmetics

Gerard Cosmetics Lipglosses in Plum and Buttercream – Purchase here at Gerard Cosmetics

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick(s) (could not find my other one for the picture) in shades 1995 and Buttercup – Purchase here at Gerard Cosmetics



I remember when I used to hate when women would match their shoes and bags together! Now, look! I am one of them. I ate my words when I saw this combo.

The bag looks slightly darker in the photo but matches the shoes perfectly in person.

Favourite bits: The smooth suede and embellishments.

RRP £59

Purchase here from Dune


I had to save the best till last and, in this case, the best purchase of this summer has to be my Prada BL0837 (now the 1BA837) or top-handle bag in Sabbia.

After a long and gruelling 3 months’ search for the top handle model in Sabbia, I finally was able to add this baby to my collection thanks to Prada’s patient client service.

I will be posting a detailed review of this bag on both my blog and on PurseForum so look out for it!

Favourite bits: The neutral and practical shade of the leather. Sabbia is by far my favourite colour in Prada products.

RRP £1410

Purchase here from Prada

INSTAGRAM – @lovetashadee

For a detailed review of any of the products mentioned above, please let me know below!

****All images are my own unless stated otherwise. All pictures were taken from my Canon 700D.

****All products were purchased with my own money and were not sponsored.

Puff Daddy

If this is not mouthwatering, then I am not sure what is.


We all by now that I don’t do pretty so let’s just skip over how ‘rustic’ this looks, shall we?

There is a lot of fruit in my house, a lot. I am the only person that eats this fruit, but one can’t resist a bargain so there’s more than my body can handle. I’ve been wining about how to use up a whole punnet of plums, I’m pretty sure I was only wining about another punnet I had acquired a few posts ago but this is a whole new batch people. Plums aren’t something I crave, I always hear such lovely stories about people buying fresh ones at markets when they’re all juicy and plump but they do nothing for me, sorry. I do like plums warm though, in sponge puddings and crumbles, but wasn’t feeling either of those today so after rooting through the freezer I found a…

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Parisian nights (Long post alert!)

Bonjour all!

I recently visited the beautiful city of love, Paris, and was, finally, able to consummate my obsession with everything French. For those who know me personally, you are probably yawning by now *smiles*; and for those who are getting to know me, well French is the language to my heart as well as its culture – sounds cliché, I know. However, sometimes I genuinely wish I was born French and not English, and some would say going to live in France for five years in order to obtain a French passport would be a step too far. Therefore, I have had to accept that my status as a ‘French wanna-be’ is, unfortunately, permanent.

Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time touring the streets of central Paris and I thought that I would share my experiences with you.


Pullman Paris La Défense

I often get told that I ‘lack spontaneity’, I am ‘too organised’, a ‘perfectionist’ (the list goes on..) so whilst searching the internet looking for accommodation a voice in my head told me, rather forcefully, to “GO AGAINST [MY] CHARACTER!”. So, I did. Continue reading

The rise of a new dawn..

Hi guys,

I just want to start off by apologising for being AWOL for some time..well 6 months to be exact! Gosh(!) how time flies..

A lot has happened since I last posted: bad and good things, and there has been plenty of change. For instance, I made the big decision to ‘leave the nest’ (a.k.a move out of my parents’ home) in order to seek new adventures and explore the world (a.k.a to be closer to work). The move was impromptu, yet, it taught me a lot about myself: that I am a lot stronger mentally than I had ever thought (can I also add ‘physically’ to that list(?) as I did have to drag 6 massive laundry bags up 3 flights of stairs by myself! haha) and I am unafraid of change.

However, it has been an emotional roller-coaster along the way and the symptoms of homesickness do kick in from time to time. Essex was [and still is] my home [at heart] so living in the big city has been a challenging, but welcomed, change – unless it’s Friday and I am ravenous for Dhillon’s fish and chips but cannot find a decent ‘chippie’ any where in sight and I would just like to teleport back to Essex. Other than that I am generally sane.

Nevertheless, I have spent the past few months finding my feet and, in a sense, figuring out the world of ‘adulthood’ – whatever that means!

Going forward I promise consistency with my blog posts. At least one post every fortnight and, if not, then I am the worst person in the world..

Look out for the next post and I shall leave you with this quote:

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything – George Bernard Shaw

P.S. I hope you guys like my new theme? It is a lot more ‘clean’ than the previous one so hopefully it has improved the readability of my blog.

My first post, like the first EVER!

I am no longer a blog virgin! I have finally broken my ‘blog-ginity’ and it feels so good!

Alicia Keys’s album The Element of Freedom (one of my favourite albums of all time) is playing in the background and I have successfully devoured a box of Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni Feast all to myself so I am totally in the zone right now: elated, inspired and reborn (as well as stuffed and perhaps a bit bloated but oh well every slice was worth it !). Continue reading